Mr. Nanex 6/23/2016 2:08:11 AM


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Music is fondly referred to as the food to the soul, as some people will rightly say. Concerts, shows, interviews and documentaries have all been put together to celebrates the makers of great music all over the world. Countries however introduced the idea of giving out awards to artistes who have worked really hard in their various genres of music as a way to celebrate them. This lead to the birth of the famous Grammy Awards, BET Awards, MTV Awards, World music awards, Channel O, MOBO Award, KORA Awards, to mention but a few. The idea behind the awards was no longer put into play, as we now see the biased mind of the organisers who tend to favour their own choice of act and making the choice of the music lovers not count. With due respect even our very own Headies awards which is currently the biggest music award in Nigeria and also regarded as “Nigerian Grammy”known for its consistency over the years for paparazzi settings, good lighting, media coverage stage planning and management has recently been seen promoting and celebrating artistes whose music are unfit for auditory consumption adding to the number of nuisance to the society, because many of this artistes are role models to their loyal fans who tends to portray them in their dressing, language as well as their way of life. I really want to use this medium to appreciate those ones who have really given it their best shot in terms of music delivery, great sounds and of course a good message to go with. Now, the plain and bitter truth is that not every Nigerian artiste would win an award. Some will (or may) never win an award, some don’t even deserve any award or recognition at all, while some even deserving ones will be passed up for the noisy others. When you take a good look at all this, you will discover that the culprits are the so called organizers who forget that our standards are not the same with the foreign acts. The knowledge of that alone should teach us not to expect the same results because we must take into consideration our people and then our location. We are Africans! Whatever defines the commercial success of any music material outside our African shores is definitely not the same as here. If at all, we must, what criterion governs how we adjudge a song as best or hottest? This is the genesis of the problem as the two categories aren’t even the same. The general notion is that when someone’s material is on rotational play at a media house that mean it can pass for recognition. Well, WRONG! The word “best” inscribed on the awards is not really what it ought to be, I rather suggest the word “my favourite” should be used instead because that’s exactly what it ought to be. How can you say “best …” when the analysis used in judging this artistes are based on your assessment forgetting the fact that is a public thing.