Questions and Answers about Kusaa

Hey and welcome to our FAQ page. Here are answers for most questions.

How can I listen to music?
  1. by clicking “start listening now” button on the home page, or any of the featured radio stations.
  2. From home page listen to featured playlist
  3. Go to artist profile
  4. Go to album profile
I created account and there is no search box in site to search music?
  1. Try doing a refresh on the site and then log in again.
Where can I reset my password?
  1. Click on your profile at top right of the homepage
  2. Click on Change password
My music is often stopping or buffering all the time on my mobile phone.
  1. Try Wifi, as usually Wifi is much faster than these mobile networks. If you are in poor mobile coverage area, try to find better coverage area. Hope this helps!
What is my wish list?
  1. Wish List is a feature that allows you to saves songs/albums u wish to listen to at your convenience.
Why am I getting a 404 page?
  1. Try refreshing the page.
How can I submit a suggestion for an improvement?
  1. Simply click on “Contact us”.
  2. Fill the appropriate details, lay your suggestion and submit.
I can't log in to my Kusaa account.
  1. Check your username and password if its spelt correctly, then try login in again.