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T-E-K-N-O…that name we all love to hear when a song comes on either on radio, TV, club, or at our favorite events.

You cannot possibly talk about the rapid growth and likeability, of African music (Afrobeats) without mentioning the name – Tekno, amongst other artistes in our fast-growing Nigerian Music industry. Just name it, hits after hits, after hits, and he never gets tired of it. It’s like the fiber of his very being is filled with them.

This former Abuja-based act was first introduced into the music industry by yours truly (Notjustok), with two singles titled – ‘Go Low’ & ‘Mess‘ back in 2012.

His core fans will even remember his firm impression in the music industry titled – Holiday featuring Davido. That was his break-out song if my memory serves me right. Then again, feel free to correct me (if you think that’s not the single that brought him to the spotlight). He went on to follow Holiday up with Onyenekwu (a remix to Ice Prince’s Olekwu), Anything, and the massive single that gave him the boldness to rub shoulders with the high and mighty at the time, – Dance, and the rest, they say, was history.

But Tekno has not always been this successful, believe it or not. Before all the glitz and glamour you have come to be accustomed with today, he has had his own fair share of what every upcoming artiste would normally go through during their career which is (paying the damn dues and growing with the experiences that come along with it). As a young eaglet, Tekno wanted to learn how to fly so bad, dare greatly and hunt for his own meal, but folks who didn’t realize his true potential tried to confine him to a box. His very first label – Bodyshaker Music apparently tried doing that, but Tekno had to leave the label to pursue working with folks that will get him to the place he needed to be musically. That’s where Kay Money Entertainment stepped in. His second label made every effort to go the extra mile with Tekno because they believed in his talent and future. It was nder them, he released two amazing singles (Onyenekwu and Holiday featuring Davido). Even with a very successful ride with Kay Money Entertainment, Tekno’s sight was still fixated on conquering Nigeria and Africa as a continent.  Thanks to then part-owner of Triple MG –Iyanya, and his partner Ubi Frankin, Tekno’s career kicked into turbo speed. He got signed to the Made Men Music towards the end of 2013,  and was given the freedom to express himself, in whatever form that was. With his new found freedom to express his creativeness, the Nigerian music industry, as we know it, has never been the same ever since.

Tekno no doubt has attained the level of A-list celebrates and also carved a niche for himself as one of the most paid artistes in the  Nigeria music industry.

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