Mr. Nanex 1/31/2017 7:38:51 AM


One of Nigeria's finest R&B and Soul Music acts Jeremiah Gyang ushered us into the new year with a brilliant masterpiece video single, entitled “ARISE PLATEAU”, a theme song for “Plateau on the move” featuring his lovely wife Ladi Gyang.

An inspirational song which was well interpreted with the beautiful video shoots that showcase the rich culture of the people of Plateau State in Nigeria.

The video has beautiful scenery, as it shows us some beautiful rocks, valley, waterfall, the marketplace, women band, the industrious nature of the people of plateau, it also shows us how happy the children, youth and the elderly are.

The song preaches unity and love, stressing the need for peace and harmony in the land and Nigeria at large.

This video was directed by Johannes Preuss.


A close catch-up with Jeremiah Gyang… Find out the inspiration behind the “Arise Plateau” video and lots more. Enjoy!

Kusaa: Hello

Jeremiah: Hey how are you doing brother

Kusaa: Pleased to have you on Kusaa

Jeremiah: It's absolutely my pleasure!

Kusaa: You just released a new video titled “Arise Plateau”

Jeremiah: Yes I did, and I'm grateful to my God for the opportunity.

Kusaa: Greater Part of the song talks about Unity but the clip showcases plateau's       blessed scenery, what's the correlation?

Jeremiah: Oh YES! Our God given motherland is currently being pillaged continuously by enemy forces and my people have been blinded and then divided through ALL sorts of ideologies. I'm hoping that showing them the land that is at stake would evoke the desire to find the solution, and escape the unending deluge of attacks.

Kusaa: From the song’s content and showcase, i would have expected the Title to be ‘Plateau the Beautiful’ or ‘United Plateau’, why Plateau Arise?

Jeremiah: The song is specifically designed to wake our people up from the deep slumber they're in.

Kusaa: Tell us about the inspiration/motivation behind the song

Jeremiah: It would seem there's a strong grip of amnesia on my people! We are ignorant of our history consequently we seem to be given as a spoil to all our enemies. My people perish for lack of knowledge. Our God rejected us for practicing the exact same customs as the Christians are practicing today. We NEED to leave off from ALL forms of religions and return to the KING JAMES Bible. That's our history book.

Kusaa: You also had your wife on this one

Jeremiah: Oh yes I did! She's my helper so she helped me on this one.

Kusaa: Any plans for more collaborations?

Jeremiah: I can't say I have any solid plans, but they're welcome.

Kusaa: Can you tell us about the headgear? We can't help but notice you wore it in the video “Coming back” and also on your latest video “Arise Plateau”, could it be your new trademark? Tell us about it.

Jeremiah Some call it a turban, but it's called a mitre. It is in the Bible. Zechariah 3:1-5 KJV. It's what our ancestors the ancient Hebrew Israelites wore.

Kusaa: Is there something new for your fans soon?

Jeremiah: You know I'm always working to cater to my listeners. There's always something up, but I'll leave it for its due season.

Kusaa: How will you rate Nigerian music today?

Jeremiah: Confusing! I have to say that we're beginning to look more ridiculous than our colonial masters. The music sounds better though, but the content on the other hand invites our God's wrath! The vitriol in our lyrics and the immoral mannerisms in our music videos only serve to show how visceral the agenda of our enemies has eaten into our morality! The more we don't return to our God the more we remain their prey! May our God AHAYAH (I AM) help us. Amen.

Kusaa: Nice having you… Thank you so much!

Jeremiah: It was my pleasure brother.